HappyJapan Multi Head Embroidery Machines

HappyJapan Multi Head Embroidery Machines2022-02-22T10:27:12+00:00

Quality equipment achieves ultimate results…

There is a HappyJapan embroidery machine for every possible need and function. From a single head embroidery machine to multi-head and speciality embroidery machines, HappyJapan has you covered. Caps, shirts, jackets, bags, blankets, etc. are a cinch with HappyJapan. In fact, if you can get a needle through it, a HappyJapan embroidery machine can embroider it. And with our diverse collection of options and accessories such as laser, sequins, cording, boring, clamps, and cylindrical frames, your creativity is only limited by your imagination.

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