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Our compact machines incorporate the technological advancements of the world’s leading embroidery machine brand.

Single Head Emboidery Machine

HappyJapan single-head embroidery machines have a reputation that is hard to beat. They are built to old fashioned standards, built to last, with the latest technology and innovation. This is what keeps HappyJapan ahead in the embroidery machine industry.

Multi-Head Emboidery Machine

What is said about the single-head machines is also true of the multi-headed HappyJapan, just on a wider scale. A multi-head HappyJapan machine increases your output (and therefore your profits), productivity and order to supply time, a win-win situation.

Direct to Garment Printing.
Direct To Film (DTF) Printers.

A new generation of the digital revolution, creating a new digital DTF film printing process.


Ultimate Embroidery Software


If you’re serious about professional embroidery and multi-decoration, Wilcom is your answer. Using the industry preferred .EMB file format, Wilcom provides professional software for embroidery digitizing, apparel decoration design, embroidery editing, lettering and even easy ways to manage the process and get customer approvals.

HappyJapan Embroidery Machines Sales, Servicing & Accessories UK

Why Embroidery Solutions is the right choice for your business…

Whether you are starting up, going mobile, expanding or just need a sampling machine, HappyJapan offers plenty of options to suit your needs. These powerful workhorses are built to the same standards and specifications as HappyJapan’s high volume, production intensive multi-head machines, known the world over. Sew intense, finely-detailed designs on a wide range of garments including caps, visors, golf shirts, sweats, handbags, pants legs, gloves, jackets, sweaters. Our UK stock consists of the most popular sizes for our market, which includes four models of single-head machines (standard and compact) and three multi-head machines (the latest models released).